Our Repair and Engineering Services

Global After-sales Service

With a team of experienced service engineers and know-how in urgent ship repairs and troubleshooting accumulated over many years, Marine Enterprise manages on-site repair tasks, maintenance and inspection for marine and general purpose equipment.

In Japan directly by us and through a ›› worldwide service partner network we provide the following services:

1. Main engine and auxiliary engine repair and inspection

  • Reconditioning of piston and cylinder cover, exhaust valve spindle and seat
  • Overhaul of piston unit, replacement of cylinder liner
  • Opening up main bearing, crank pin bearing, cross head bearing, thrust bearing for class survey
  • Overhaul, cleaning and part replacement for turbocharger
  • Cleaning and dynamic balancing for turbine rotor

2. Pump, steering gear, air compressor, AC and reefer unit repair/inspection

  • Overhaul and repair of steering gear pump and other pumps
  • Renewal of ram packing and ram pin bushes for steering gear
  • Repairing of air conditioning unit, air conditioning package
  • Reconditioning of compressor and pipe for reefer machine
  • Refrigerant gas filling

3. Windlass, winch, deck crane repair works

  • Repairing of windlass and mooring winch, deck crane and stern ramp winch
  • Renewal of boom for deck crane
  • Renewal of wires for winch and deck crane
  • Repairing of hydraulic cylinder
  • Renewal of hydraulic pipes
  • Overhaul and replacement of electric motor
  • Repairing of hydraulic motor for winch and crane
  • Inspection and renewal of anchor chains

4. Hull repair and steel construction works

  • Reconditioning of shell, deck and steel constructions
  • Repairing of fuel tank, water ballast tank, fresh water tank
  • Renewal of sea water and fresh water pipes, fuel oil pipes, hydraulic pipes
  • Fixing of hatch covers, hydraulic jack for hatch covers
  • Repairing and fabrication of accommodation ladders
  • Rewriting ship's name and port register

5. Boiler repair works

  • Repairing and cleaning of auxiliary boiler
  • Renewal of tube plate, water tubes, smoke tubes, stay tubes for auxiliary boiler
  • Overhaul and cleaning of mounting valves, safety valves for boiler survey
  • Repairing of auxiliary boiler furnace, tubes for economizer, boiler control unit and burner unit

6. Electricity related works

  • Rewinding and repairing of DC and AC generators and various electric motors
  • Repairing of shaft generator
  • Reconditioning of main engine maneuvering system, engine monitoring system
  • Annual ship elevator inspection

7. Underwater diving works

  • Underwater hull inspection and cleaning
  • Propeller polishing
  • Repairing of underwater welds
  • Various underwater repair works

8. Spare part supply

  • Main engine and generator parts
  • Parts for pumps, control equipment, hydraulics
  • Electric components and parts

Examples of repairs carried out by us

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Cleaning and inspection of main engine
Rotor balancing and speed testing
Fuel tank top welding repair

Service Agent for Manufacturers

As (general) agent for various marine equipment manufacturers, we supervise a network of service stations in the major ports of the world. On behalf of the manufacturer we provide full after-sales service from the first estimate over preparation of the task on site and implementation to invoicing.

We are the General Service Agent for MANABE ZOKI, NISHISHIBA ELECTRIC and FUJI ELECTRIC.

Flow from a service request to its completion

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Equipment we service (examples)

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MANABE ZOKI winch/deck crane
NISHISHIBA ELECTRIC generation system
FUJI ELECTRIC control unit

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